That everyone should have the right to free access to literacy, at any time, in any way that may help them, regardless of distance or disadvantages or ability to pay.


Short index

Can adults read?  An ultimate test of comprehension- adultread.htm
Alphabet# (v02abc1.htm) - an ABC chart

B - Books worth reading - and add your own
Babl card game for learning Latin and Greek roots and how to work out the meaning of long words

C - Classroom barriers to literacy: /litbar.html
Comprehension in reading - an ultimate test - adultread.htm
Reading Cribs to help learners read stories, using a Dictionary Key

Colored Picture Checklist - /v22colorchecklist.htm "What it helps to know" -
Black-and-white Checklist for easy fotocopying.
Color-coding vowels

A commercial product - Your Life in Comics, for guys to write and draw in the comics frames with all sorts of situations.

D - Spelling guides in children's dictionaries, literacy DVD
Dyslexia. A quick test for dyslexia - /dyslexiatest.htm, and some sources of help
E - Encyclopedia . An art treasure not to lose - Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia

Experiment ! - A trial of help in the literacy crisis- Petition to the public, Press and spellcheckers – See if u agree with it!   Tell yr frends. cutting-out-useless-letters-from-words
F- Free help for reading and spelling - News about online website ozreadandspell and DVD
I - International Literacy Day - September 8. See these ozideas pages on literacy,Reading Cribs, education and spelling
L - Learning styles of older failing learners: /lernstyl.htm
Literacy Innovations - litinovations.html
- Lessons - a set of 21 simple lessons. See index below
- Lessons - a new way to learn to read, from a dictionary pronunciation guide, to spelling with a reason for every spellings, to reading with only 18 exeptions from one-to-one spelling where choices can be made, to
if you wish, present spelling.

O Online overview of what it helps to know
P -Paired reading - HOW TO really help learners by the way you read with them - /lpaired.htm

Print. Making print more interesting and helpful - /lprinth.htm - Illustrated by a calendar of the months showing ways to make print itself more interesting and give
clues to reading

-Preschool, Preparing to read through play
-Plastic letters as an early literacy aid

R - Reading Cribs to help learners read stories, using the dictionary key
S - Shakespeare in Quotations - Macbeth
More about Spelling and how it could be improved. Recent Developments in Spelling and A Dictionary Pronunciation Guide and starter for beginner
Self-help aid for literacy -

English Today, 107, vol 27, No 3. Sept 2011, pp 62-67, 'Recent developments which affect spelling. On the possibility of removing the unnecessary difficulties in English spelling, while leaving the basic appearance of English print intact.'

Surplus-Cut spelling - and also see

T - Test then Teach 
A quick test for dyslexia  
An ultimate comprehension test  adultread.htm

V - Vocabulary. Finding the meaning through Latin and Greek roots. The game of Babl to learn vocabulary clues /babl.htm.

Video - take-home video for adult literacy - rationale, research, content International Review of Education.

Video - half-hour cartoon literacy video

Video - make your own self-help literacy video

Vowel spellings and color-coding

W - Writing systems of the world and their reforms

An overview of
What it helps to know to read and spell in 21 simple lessons
  1. Alphabet letters and sounds - 1 , 2 , 3 , and 4
  2. Letter shapes /and consonants
  3. When two letters make one sound
  4. Switching letters around to make new words
  5. The vowel sounds in cartoon style
  6. The easiest vowel sounds a e i o u
  7. The 'long' vowel sounds as in A E I O U. The most common words
  8. How to look at spellings
  9. Where English spelling comes from
  10. Spellings from Old English and French
  11. Spellings from Greek
  12. Spellings from Latin
  13. How to play the word-root game BABL (also here) and Elaine Kirsh's formatting of cardsReading another song
  14. Vowel sounds as in ar er air or/ aw
  15. Vowel sounds as in ow oy oo (moon) oo (look)
  16. Using all the clues for reading
  17. Two spelling tips
  18. The most common spellings for vowels. Color-coded.
  19. A checklist to print or download and copy for what you knew already and what yolearnfrom the lessons.

About the Literacy DVD

Online overview of reading and spelling - www/ -
Download and copy what you like.

"Help yourself to read and spell, or find out where you got stuck"
Sections on -
Hearing sounds in words,
Letters in words,
Spelling and how to cope with it, and
Putting clues together to read what you want to read.


See submission 144 to the Australian government's Nelson Inquiry into Reading .PDF at

This submission focuses on some neglected factors in teaching and learning how to read books: identifying barriers to literacy in classrooms; preventing barriers to literacy in homes; barriers to literacy in books for children; why so many teachers and learners hate phonics and what can be done; improving teacher-training; self-help in learning for beginners and for failing learners; multimedia in the classroom; assessing reading and innovative tests that teach; and, lastly, research that is needed. The writer is a clinical child psychologist, school psychologist, academic, and teacher.