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Links to related organizations: These suggestions are made with no responsibility for their content, or necessarily agreeing with them. But they may help you think. Global Ideas Bank, Institute for Social Inventions, Yahoo 'for good', and in Australia, Sustainable Living Foundation, Ceres, Alternative Technology Association, Earth Garden, Ethical Investments


Successful Living in a future world



Concepts and Language

- the ways we think, the ways we talk

Alternative concepts for the 21st century. Words are swords that help to change thinking and behaviour

Concepts of hope

Social concepts for the 21st century

Concepts of people. The English language needs more words for people.

Concepts of sex. Innovations in on-sexist language and gender-neutral words

Concepts of Adult. The meaning of 'Mature Adult'.

Swearing - Better swearing is less boring and more imaginative.

Language in illness. When sign language is possible during rehabilitation from strokes. (It is not always possible)

The cheapest way to look beautiful without surgery: a magic mirror.  I only look about fifty in my mirror, not 78, especially with my glasses off. So I carry that picture in my mind all day, and it is psychologically very effective.  As my eyesight worsens, other people all look beautiful too.


New Year 2007 Message for all the year

New Year calendars - for the months and for the days