Green, and profitable: A world without waste

Helping to solve the economic problems of jobs and profits

There is no need to climb Everest for adventure.

The real Everests for everyone are how we can all survive without wrecking our children's future through making worse climate change, greenhouse gases, loss of essential resources of water, food, energy and raw materials, and increasing pollution and its associated diseases.

Biofuels have the problems that they are going to need fertilisers - and our major fertilisers come from - guess what - petrochemicals.

The great challenge for everyone is how to cut Waste. See the monthly Waste-Watch series below in the Bonzer e-magazine, and Life Style.

and still have Quality of Life, jobs and profits for businesses.

There are many chances for profitable businesses in the fields of solar, wind and hydro-energy, in preventing waste, salvage, re-use and renovation, and making durable, mendable products.

There are many jobs needed - if all the jobs that are needed were being done, even in high unemployment areas, there would be no unemployment.   The big innovatioins needed are how to pay for many of them.

There are many changes we can all make in our wasteful way of life - and enjoy living Non-Waste.   It will be healthier, with more useful exercise, and exercise for the brains too.

Governments can plan for No-Waste futures, in all their infrastructure and in using taxation measures.

Children can have better quality of life.   There are many innovations they can enjoy taking part in and reading about.   For example, Captain Green.

Books include Mary E White's illustrated book, that everyone should read, and children should look at. After  the Greening: The Browning of Australia. Kangaroo Press, ISBN   0-86417-585-X,   1994.3 Whitehall Road, Kenthurst NSW 2156. PO box 6125, Dural Delivery Centre NSW 2158 This is the Australian complement to Rachel Carson's Silent Spring.

Websites of organizations in Australia include:

The Sustainable Living Foundation   -

The Conservation Foundation -

Friends of the Earth

Sustainable Population Australia -

The Alternative Technology Association   -

The Public Transport Users Association -

Watermark, project of the Victorian Women's Trust

The wilderness society

Earth garden - - about alternatives in life-style

And see The Global Ideas Bank for more ideas and working projects. http://www.globalideasbank - wastenothing

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and so on to 2011 and today's article