Jobs That Are Needed for Full Employment

It is stupid that
the jobs that need to be done cannot be done unless short-term profits can be made from them.

It is stupid to imagine
that technology will make all human work unnecessary and there will be endless leisure.

It is stupid to claim
that socially-destructive businesses like gambling and armaments are necessary in order to keep people in jobs

We live in a time of 'endless' resources that we are busy ending. There will always be things that technology cannot do well - dealing with people, and in the small things needed besides monoculture, agriculture or mass production. We will need jobs that save as well as jobs to increase consuming.

It is stupid not to ask:
What jobs need to be done? How can Jobs replace Waste? and then ask How to pay for them

If we change the job question to "What jobs need to be done?", we'll find that there are not enough people in Australia to do all that work.
There is a labor shortage.
All jobs should dignify workers by being useful to the community,
and not be constructed as a sort of charity to keep voters out of mischief.


Jobs that desperately need to be done
in Australia and in the world: -

Infrastructure - Landcare instead of defence expenditure, to retrieve and prevent the damage of land and river degradation, salination, forest loss, pests, weeds, pollution - e.g preventing the death of the vital Murray-Darling Basin. Water-supply reparation and conservation - Conservation of marine and forest resources. Sewage systems restructured and rebuilt to stop our criminal waste of our most renewable fertiliser, and re-use of heavy metals and grey water.

Transport, energy and communications infrastructure improved and extended

Housing and community environments made decent for everyone - (Visit Rubbishtown that spreads across Melbourne's north-east) Households that are sustainable and save waste will need manpower (generic are more essential for economic survival than markets that produce waste - Education that is lifelong to produce resilient adults Childcare that is leisurely to give children less herding and more freedom Decent care for the sick, handicapped and elderly .

Products - more innovative, renovatable, durable, re-usable, mendable, updatable, distinctive, cultural - Shops and repairers for Conservation products - Fashions that are beautiful, useful and comfortable, for home, export, and tourists - Uses and salvage for everything currently thrown out of shops and homes daily

Research & Development - Increase (not cut) Research & Development in:

Australia's unique flora and fauna preservation
Fertilising the land without pollution -
Fire prevention and checking -
Food sources that are easily grown and do not deplete soils -
Manufacturing techniques that are Conservationist -
Pests and weeds need uses found for them, since they abound and flourish
Plants that withstand climates and suit poor soils,
Technology for renewable non-polluting solar and wind energy sources
Building that does not produce waste and environmental unfriendliness at every stage
Preventive Health in communities.

Working conditions Workshare and Eight-Hours-Day awards to reduce the loads on increasingly over-worked working work-force and mangements.

Finance to pay for these jobs. When people with jobs spend their money in ways that both meet their needs and give jobs to others, money circulates around a community as a means of exchange for goods and services, instead of flowing into sinks or out of the country, except for trade exchanges. Taxation and low-interest government loans to pay for public sector jobs in these areas are investments in the future with longterm benefits.

Look around you to see the jobs needing to be done.
Even more street-signs