Community Soccer

Community soccer is a soccer game for all ages.

It was played at a University college when our children were young. Some people would start kicking a ball around the grass, and then others would come and join in until there would be up to 30 running around in two teams, and lots of others standing arround barracking. Gum trees were the goal posts. I have also seen it played around estates.

The advantages of community soccer: -

  • The big toughs have to play without violence because of the younger children and ancient fellers in the game;
  • The young boys have to play without whinging and bad sportsmanship because their bigger heroes would think them sissies;
  • The old blokes and ladies renew their youth;
  • And the toddlers rush around everywhere screaming with delight.
  • The game costs nothing, requires no preparation, and any one can start it up any time and others join in. The emphasis is on the fun of the game, so there is no bad feeling about poor players making a team lose.

One youngster trained on community soccer is now a professional basketballer - and his father thinks the early experiences of playing with grown-ups was important for developing his skills and co-ordination.