The Right to have a Child

A Universal Right for everyone to have and be able to rear one healthy child each (which makes two per couple) would be a humane way to help solve the population problem.

The Right to have a Child as
a UN Convention
World population is zooming past its means to support them all with quality of life - even sufficient water is becoming scarce.

Over the past thousands of years, world populations were kept small by cruel 'natural' methods - famine, disease, wars, infanticides, murders, and genocides. The remains of past civilisations lie among deserts they created thru overpopulation that wrecked resources. Animal populations, too, crash for the same reason.

Our present 6 billion people are alredy destroying their means of future subsistence, although less than a billion sharing our comfortabl standard of living 25 milion economic refugees are in dire need, more than the entire population of Australia. Even sharing resources and an idolatrous faith that science will cope cannot allow more population growth without immense suffering.

THERE ARE NO SPACES LEFT TO FILL UP. It is hard to find any large areas where the environment is being sustainably improved. Everywhere increasing disasters appear on Page 10 of the media. 'British marine life on brink of extinction' (Age 17/7/02), and my sister in country England mourns the last decade's loss of birdlife in her garden and local woodland, and the escalation of pests.

Fish stocks, corals, fertile seabeds and soils, forests, clean and sufficient water, breathable air, threatened species and all precious wildlife - must they all go?

Only 6% of Australia is arable, and that is deteriorating fast. Bushfires were'natural' but today the corralled areas left cannot regenerate the diverse life destroyed because there are no corridors for new life to come in again. Recurring droughts and floods must be planned for.

The supposedly religious command to populate the earth has been obeyed. Religions, politics, war and commerce must stop playing for more human fodder. There are moral commands to obey.

The Right would mean that all the world shared the responsiblity to ensure that everyone could have the means to survive, with work, health care and educational opporutnities, so that they could have this Right and rear their child.

It would also mean ensuring that everyone could have insurance for their old age, without having to rely on a large family, hoping that one might live to care for them.


1.Prevent cries of 'genocide' at family planning, because it applies to all peoples

2. Oppose self seeking pro-natalist policies of religions or countries,

3 Help ensure that poor families need not have too many children in the hope that one might survive.

4. There could also be less fear among host peoples that imigrants will swamp their culture by their larger families. Countries accepting imigrants can expect them to scale down their reproductive rate, while affording to all the social justice to enable their Right to be enjoyed.

5. The lives of countless women as well as of children would be improved.

6. The joys of children can be apreciated and enjoyed more, and everyone in the comunity and in the extended families share in their company.

7. Desperate countries like China would not be driven to Only-One-Child directives which have such bad social results.


I write as a lover of children -
of my own family and friends,
of all I have worked for and played with as a clinical child psycologist and as psycologist and teacher in disadvantaged schools,
as a witness of suffering abroad,
and caring that all children alive today can have a future that is not doomed by the consequences of population crises

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