The long vowels that sound like A E I O U


as in

Say, mate...... See me....... Fly high........ Go slow.... New tune

Long vowels as in A E I O U often have spellings you don't expect.

In the Boat Song here letter y is used as in 'my yabby  

Here are the different spelling patterns for words with the sounds A E I O U.

Common spellings, less common spellings and more uncommon spellings

(Remember the tip. It is not so hard to read the uncommon spelling when you know what the vowel sound is going to be.)

bake cake
play day

lazy baby

wait for train
raise maize
great steak
They reign at the ballet with veils and bouquets.

Eight straight dahlias in gaols

we be
real beat

chief thief

meet in street
police piano
please tease

freeze cheese receive receipt

The people believe in the key to the league


my try

flies die
like to bite

bright light
The island guide eyed the diamond in the aisle by the choir.

Why sign to either with dye?

no go

old gold

boats float
know the show
The rogue chauffeur at the depot holds a mauve brooch on his shoulder.

Folk know, though, that her beau was a ghost in Cologne

emu menu

tuba music

new stew
rescue due
refuse to use
You view Hugh's beautiful ewe.

There's a deuce of a feud over juice in lieu of a fugue.