The plain vowels a e i o u


Sometimes the vowel sounds a e i o u are not spelled as you would expect.

Here are the different spelling patterns for words with the sounds a e i o u

Common spellings and uncommon spellings

(Tip. It is not so hard to read the uncommon spelling when you know what the vowel sound is going to be.)

fat cat
Guarantees to have
salmon and meringue
to harangue with plaits
red hen

heavy heads

I said
I guess it's nonsense
that many friends send cheques
on Wednesday to bury leopards
pink pigs

give and live
pity the city

Pretty busy women

build with rhythm on bicycles

hot dog

what was
gone scone

John got
honours and laurels
because of his knowledge
of coughs on yachts
fun run

some come

son won

Mothers and uncles
with young blood
have thoroughly rough tongues