A crib to help learners read stories

Print out, and make your own cribs for stories to help learners.
The crib is set out beneath the story on each page, for learners to look at for help when they need it

The first crib takes out the spelling traps from normal spelling

The second crib is sound-symbol correspondence for simpl spelling as set out in the Dictionary Key below

normal spelling

The Story of the Ugly Duckling

A duck hatched out her eggs,

all except the last, which was the biggest.

At last, it cracked.

Out popped a big ugly duckling.

It looked very different from the other ducklings,although it swam about too,and followed the mother duck.

But it grew and grew, till the other ducks said, “He is not a duck!” and chased him away.

So he went to the wild ducks, but they chased him too.

He went to the wild geese, and they said, “You are not a goose.”

The little duckling went away and lived by himself in the  long reeds

Reading without traps


A duk hachd out her egs,

all exept the last, wich wos the big-est.

At last, it crakd.

Out popd a big ugly dukling.

It lookd very difrent  from the other duklings, altho it swam about too, and follo-d the mother duk.

But it gru and gru, til the other duks sed,  “He is not a duk!”

and chased him away.

So he went tu the wild duks,  but thay chased him too.

He went tu the wild gees,  and thay sed,  “U ar not a goos.”

The litl dukling went away  and livd by himself in the long reeds

Crib from the Dictionri Gide to Pronunciàtion

In the winter, the duckling was very cold and hungry and lonely.

Then spring came, and he saw some beautiful swans swimming by.

He had never seen any birds as beautiful.

He felt so ugly, he hid deeper in the rushes.

But the swans saw him, and called, “Come and join us!”

“Oh no,” sobbed the Ugly Duckling, “I am too ugly to be seen with such beautiful birds as you.”

“Ugly!” said the swans, “Nonsense! You are a fine swan indeed.

Look in the water and see your reflection.”

He looked in the water – and saw that he had grown up into a swan too!

He had a long white neck and a stately head.

“I’m not an Ugly Duckling any more!” he cried, “I am a swan!”

And he swam out and joined his friends, the other swans.


In the win-ter,  the duk-ling wos veri còld  and hung-gri  and lòn-li.

Then spring càm,  and he saw som bùt-iful swons  swim-ing by.

He had never seen eni berds  as bùt-iful.

He felt so ug-li, he hid deep-er  in the rush-es.

But the swons saw him,  and cauld,  “Com and join us!”

“O no,”  sobd the Ugli Dukling,  “I am too ugli tu be seen with such bùt-iful birds as u.”

“Ugli!”  sed the swons,  “Non-sens!  U ar a fìne swon in-deed. 

Look in the wauter and see yur ref-lec-shon.”

He lookd in the wauter –  and saw that he had grò-n up intu a swon too!

He had a long whìt nek  and a stàt-ly hed.

“I’m not an Ugli Dukling eni mor !”  he crìd,  “I am a swon!”

And he swam out and joind his frends, the other swons.

DictionaryPronunciation Guide and Beginners Spelling

1. Consonants 

ch - chip sh- ship th- that thin zh - vizhon ng - sing nk - tank

2. vowels

a - man
e - men
i - pig
o - dog

u - sun

à-  màking 
è- Pèter
   ì- chìld 
ò- gòld
  ù – emù
ar - cart
aa- bazaar
er - barber
ur - fur
air - hair
au- taut
or - port
ou - out
oi - boil
oo - moon
uu- buuk

Stress is shown by dubld letters or underlining when needed e.g. umbrella 
rr shows short vowel as in carrot
ur shows stressed vowel as in perturb
final a as in banana
If grav accents are not possible for long vowels, use ae ee ie oe ue
additional letters can be used - q - qiz, x -f ox

Voiced 'th' as in 'this' can be distinguished by say outline font or color , eg 'this' for English-language learners

In spelling for reading, 35 common irregular words are kept as they are, becaus they make up 12% of everyday reading.

.  all almost always among as come some could should would half know of off one only once other pull push put they their two as was what want who why, and word-endings -ion/-tion/-sion.

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