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Social Inventions are ideas that help to improve the quality of life and solve social problems.
They use Applied Imagination - the ability to consider what may be possible in the real world.

ACSION is the Australian Centre for Social Innovations, founded 1991.

Exercise your mind!
Here is a permanent festival of many ideas, to put into action.




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Online Opinion for political opinions


The Ozroypublic The future for Australia!

Violence and guns

Regional currencies can escape global financial troubles by complementing national currencies without being linked to them.

New Year calendar of revolutions - Solve a problem a day

A TV and radio serial at 8 p.m. in which Ministers of the Crown in turn present the work being done in their department, and finally the Leader of the Opposition states the opposition case where it differs. The advantages are many.See valerieyulesletters.

Democracy and Elections: Making elections democratic. At present voters are not adequately informed, and they do not have a decent chance to vote in their own interests. Costs are excessive and benefit media advertisers. These abuses could be reformed.

Australian citizenship and human rights
Including short versions of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, made easier to read in three ways, so that everyone can read it.
Versions to print out in spelling without traps

Population. 13 draft FACT SHEETS about the World and Australia now available as pdfs, for others to complete, revise and use.  Population - A UN Convention on the Right to a Child

Updated Index of 296 Ozideas Web pages

For the latest news on the Australian environment and stopping government blunders see

Stimulating the economy by splashing money ?
It's time to revisit Jobs that are needed and Jobs for the future

Evidence for Climate Change

Tacklng climate change by cutting the production of waste, and economic consequences.
And see A Fantasy of Climate change at Animal Farm

Links to online magazines and articls

Crisis of mental energy

The Australia 2020 Summit must have practical results, with action on its social inventions. The Fringe Ruddfest
Radical submissions on the 10 Summit topics  

OzIdeas 2008
at is an extension of OzIdeas 1, with new pages, plus many of these pages updated in a new layout easier to download and print  It is also easy to send in your own comments and ideas on each topic.

Links to online magazines and articles -

Economic and environmental
2007 The economy is NOT strong.
2007 Planned obsolescence and climate change
2007 Cutting waste: Unchecked consumption will waste the planet
2008 Cutting waste without destroying economies
2008 Rubbishing plastic bags

2007 More democratic elections
2007 Population as a front page issue.

2007 Crisis of Human Energy.
2007  Medical compensation as a right




SURVIVAL - what is most urgent?
What life-style and what economics will be possible
with climate-change? Cutting carbon emissions by cutting waste

Links to organizations concerned with practical responses to climate change and future life-style

What the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum
missed out on:

Poverty and population growth
The most serious problem of this century -
Why poverty is not history. Poverty prevention.
World Population growth pdf The staggering figures,
Graphs and updated Tables.
Cycles and crashes of populations over history
Notes on population Problems of population growth
Population growth and the interests that drive it

Living green -quality life-style with jobs and profits maintained, in world without waste, preventing climate changes, and saving the world's resources.

Saving Water with 101 water-saving tips

Imagining Peace - the Kilkenny Solution to war

Inside Childrens Minds - a book of stories told by children about their drawings, telling what they are thinking. From Bookpal, publishers, and onlime and bookshop distributors.


1. Dr. Valeries Yule's Blog posts:

2. See the letters the media would not publish!

Spelling Reserch 1. 22 August 2013

Spelling reserch 2. - Surplus letters

New Publication! Writing systems and how they change.Now on amazon.

Experiment with Parallel Texts ! The literacy crisis is still not solvd - so experiment, for the sake of the disadvantaged, dyslexic and forin-born

Reading cribs for Parallel Texts

International Literacy Day - September 8. See these ozideas pages on literacy, Reading Cribs, education and spelling

Reading cribs to help lerners

Video - take-home video for adult literacy - rationale, research, content pdf. International Review of Education.

Publications Part 1 1950-1978

Children ask questions - the Socratic quiz

English Today, 107, vol 27, No 3. Sept 2011, pp 62-67, 'Recent developments which affect spelling. On the possibility of removing the unnecessary difficulties in English spelling, while leaving the basic appearance of English print intact.' pdf

Make your own self-help half-hour cartoon literacy video

Many schools and colleges have the technology to make a cartoon literacy video, with graphics and animated text to link speech and print.

Petition  –  a trial of help in the literacy crisis- Experiment! Petition to the public, Press and spellcheckers – See if u agree with it!   Tell yr frends.

Ways to spell and say vowels

Fast-track reading book - an exampl of how to do it is halfway down the page.

Learn to read and spell a new way -
from a dictionary-pronunciation guide, thru to how to spell in a reformd way with a reason for everything, to how to read spelling without 149 vairiants, and so, if u will, to read present spelling.

Dictionary Pronunciation Gide and beginners learning spelling set out in Tables with the International Phonetic Alphabet

Val Yules blog of Letters, published and unpublished

Index of My Romantic No-Waste Cottage Garden

Index of Waste Nothing series

Val Yule's articles in Open Writing

A dictionary pronunciation gide and starter for beginners and set out in Tables

A Parallel Text primer of Human Rights

More about A Dictionary Pronunciation Guide and starter for beginners, based on a modified BBC Text Pronunciation Guide

New Developments in Spelling

...FIVE Facsimile books are now online!

1. Volume 1 of an early edition of Arthur Mee's famous Children's Encyclopedia

Stories told - not written - by disadvantaged and disturbed children aged 3 to 17, in 'What happens to children: the origins of violence', 1979, on Google Books
(Please disregard inncorrect ABN) and Issuu
with copies at cost price at Lulu

3.PSYCHOLOGY FOR TEENAGERS: Making the most of who you are –  Available via Google Books here and on Lulu here.

4. TATSLINA, THE GYPSY PRINCESS,  by Kirsty Anderson aged 12  (This is not the 14-year-old Kirsty Anderson who also has a story online.)  Read at Google Books; also viewable at issuu - click here.

5. THE BOOK OF SPELLS AND MISSPELLS .Online and fully viewable under www.digbys account at Issuu and through Google books. Online for purchase through lulu under Valerie Yule account here.

Twenty Lullabies to sing to babies

Spelling: Updated June 28 2009
The Rules of English spelling on only one page!
With the BBC Text Pronunciation Guide adapted for the basic Dictionary Key and beginners first learning.

Making English spelling obey its own rules would remove difficulties that are quite unnecessary and hinder world literacy. All those surplus letters in words, for exampl.

Cutting redundant letters in spelling, and experimental materials you can use in your own reserch. See also Pilot reserch

The 120 Worst Spelling Demons
and what makes them Demons
75% of spelling demons have surplus letters.

A spelling crib that helps lerners to read interesting stories

The costs of English spelling

Updated - The principles of Interspel, modernizing present spelling, with 3 levels,
Level 1.Dictionary Key and beginners spelling,
Level 2 with morfemic visual modifications for writing, Level 3 with optional spellings for Reading without traps, making present spelling also readabl.

The Book of Spells and Misspells is now out of print, but can be downloaded here as a pdf

Test then Teach - Making tests useful for lerners

Living in society

Insomnia - making use of sleeplessness

Help the Aged - How government, industry, publishing and the media can stop making life harder for the growing numbers of elderly, and help to keep them independent.

A Really New Book of Manners that oil the wheels of living

Natural Childcare and Unnatural Childcare


News about the Literacy DVD, Help yourself to read and spell . . 30-minute program to watch 3 times to clear up
gaps and confusions The English writing system in cartoon video to help lerners and teachers -
Free to copy and download

Can literacy be made easier? The Psychologist, April 2007Free help in dyslexia testing and clearing up problems -

An International English Spelling Commission for English as the world's lingua franca. pdf

A pronunciation key for international English language schemes, such as Globish and Basic Global English
ABC picture chart, as used in child-play video

Spelling guides in children's dictionaries

Topical in Australia

History and Australian history - an overall view of time and space. See also People they laughed at

A crisis of human energy
What is mental energy?

Ageing populations
Making life harder for an ageing population


Social Inventions

See the Global Ideas Bank

and vy contributions



Spelling should be easier

Systematic repair for international
English spelling.pdf

Spelling update - Seven principles for minimum change, to maximise the advantages of present spelling and cut its disadvantages.How seven principls could improve international English spelling, illustrated by 'Interspel' 2006
Simon Jenkins on Spelling, in the Guardian 3.Nov. 2006



Preventing Dumbing-Down

New Year 2008 Message for all the year

A Wild Romantic Garden

Gardening series in the
2005 archives.

Even in drought, a garden can survive, with only a little aid



The Da Vinci Sock mystery

Valerie Yule CV


key publications

original thinking

and innovations

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BOOKS seeking publishers include:
Waste - personal and economic responses to climate change
Applied imagination
Children's Imagination
Short short stories
Things I think - radical ideas
Literacy innovations
The sustainable householder
Manners for the millennium
Social inventing
People they laughed at



More innovative

television programs

Inventions that are needed

How good is your Adult Arithmetic?

Better Swearing

Books worth reading.
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Some Letters published & unpublished

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