Alternativ SPELLING for the Milennium

Advice to bad spellers

The Magic Spel

The first step for Internationl English Spelling is
to -

Cut out surplus letters
Cut out surplus letrs

What is a surplus letter?

- 'Surplus' letrs are useless. They dont show you how to pronounce a word or help you to know its meaning.

- Surplus letrs mislead lernrs.

- Spelrs make mistakes because they do not know what the missing letrs are or where they should go.

Streamline! Save time, energy, paper, money and hassl
by leaving out useless letrs in words.

You can cut out

When the extra letters are useless

Exampls of words without surplus letrs

Dubld consonants




When they don't tell you how to pronounce a word

 Over 56% of writers leave out surplus letrs in acomodate - so - spel it acomodate

Dubld letrs are useful when they tel you how to say a word e.g hopping rather than hoping
and showing the stress in umbrella






Silent letrs

When they mislead readrs about how to say a word, and make words hardr to spel, as in technically, foreign, people, guarantee, sieve, queue discipline

tecnicly forin peple garantee siv Q disiplin

Silent final 'e'

When silent 'e' misleads readrs and spelrs
(Silent final 'e' is useful when it shows that an erlier vowel is pronounced as a long vowel,
as in finite, minute (small), live (not liv)

infinit minut liv composit infinit probabl

simpl litl privat detectiv

The 'Sixteen Word Spelling Test' can show you that nobody (almost) can spell properly when it comes to putting surplus letters in the right places.

Some of the following words may be spelled 'incorrectly'. Write out all the words in conventional spelling:


Where do you start?

in emails, the Web, letrs, whenever you like.

See Experimental Materials you can use in your own spelling experiments

The Second Step for Internationl English Spelling

F for PH

Internationaly, F and not PH is the usual spelling for Greek-origin words
and English spelling is moving that way too.

telefone   fotograf    cardiograf   fantasy   grafic fonetic sulfa

For further steps you can take next in

International English Spelling
for the next Milennium

see International Spelling Part 2

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