Introduction to 22 Lessons

Help Yourself to Read and Spell,
or Find Out Where You Got Stuck

An overview of the English writing system


Using your brains to learn to read and enjoy it too

These lessons can be particularly helpful for adults, teenagers and learners who have 'got stuck somewhere', and may have gaps and confusions no-one has realised. You may need 'a little help from your friends' at first, if you have stuck near the beginning.

Beginners also need to know what is ahead, as 'advance organizers', even if they only glimpse the ideas ahead and do not understand them yet. When they do meet them later, they will recognise them, and find them easier to learn.

And see Literacy for Home-Learning comic book series of 24 lessons, with checklist

See also the check-list for the DVD/video/CD that you can download to print out and fotocopy, in black-and-white without pictures

Latest details about the DVD/video/CD 'ABC GO! Help yourself to read and spell, or find out where you got stuck. See also introduction on Ozideas Home Page

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Index of lessons

1. Hearing sounds in words

2. Learning letters
3. Letters and sounds


4. Letters and sounds in words
5. First five vowels a e i o u6. First 3-letter words
7. Five Long vowel sounds A E I O U
8. All the other vowel sounds
9. The commonest words. - You will like this lesson.

10. Tricky spellings - how to cope.
11. Why English spelling can be silly
12. Old English spellings
13. French spellings
14. Old Greek spellings
15. Latin spellings from the ancient Romans
16. Taking long words to bits
17. Bits of Latin words
18. The last 8 vowel sounds
19. Learning tricky spelling - a tip

20. Reading using all the clues


Extras and Aids

B1. Silent reading test
B2. Reading with children
B3. Reading new vocabulary
B4. Turnabout reading story 
B5. Classroom barriers to Literacy
B6. Literacy materials you can make yourself - a list and description
B7. vy's literacy video
B8 Some Best Books children like (and you can add to these)
B9 Checklist for learners B
10 Avoiding classroom barriers to litereacy
B 11 Practical comprehension test
B 12 Holidays and fluency

Notes on how to use the lessons.