Dr Valerie Yule, vyule@labyrinth.net.au

B.A. English and History,1948 Melbourne,  M.A. Psychology 1970, Melbourne. Ph.D. Education, Monash  1991. Dip.Ed. Primary. Melbourne State College. 1973.

Member of the British Psychological Society, Institute for Social Inventions (UK)  Fellow of the Galton Institute (UK)  Independent Scholars Association of Australia

Vice-President of the Simplified Spelling Society (UK)

Formerly member of the United Kingdom Reading Association, Australian Literacy Educators Assocation, Australian Association of Teachers of English, Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Association

Hon. director of the Australian Centre for Social Innovations.

Writer and researcher, mainly on literacy, imagination, child development, and social issues.

Relevant Previous Employment

Clinical child psychologist, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne and Aberdeen

Teaching at Monash University (Education), Melbourne University (Psychology) Melbourne State College (Special Education)

Schools psychologist  chiefly in inner urban disadvantaged primary schools mainly with the Australian Commonwealth Disadvantaged Schools program. Innovations Counsellor with the same program. Remedial, adult literacy and migrant teaching.

Honorary research associate in the Department of Psychology (University of Aberdeen), Faculty of Education (Monash University), Department of English (Melbourne University)

 Author of nine books, 17 chapters in books, and 300 articles, mostly on matters of education and children.