Spelling The beautiful princess

updated April 2012

The Beautiful Princess is a story full of terrible spellings, here put in capitals

 Once  upon   a   time,   the   beautiful   daughter   of   a  great   magician   wanted   more  pearlstoput   among   her  treasures.  "Look  through  the  centre  of  the  moon  when it  is blue,"  said her mother in answer  to her  question. "You   might   find   your  heart's  desire."  The princess laughed, because she   doubted  these  words.  Instead, she  used  her  imagination,  and moved into the photography business, and took pictures  of the moon  in  colour.  "I  perceive  most  certainly  that  it  is  almost  wholly  white,"  she  thought.  She  also  found  that  she  could  make  enough  money  in  eight  months  to  buy  herself  two  lovely  huge  new  jewels  too.

106 words,  60 are terrible spellings for beginners = 57%

How to spell The Beautiful Princess in three stages in Spelling-on-one-page.

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  • 1. Dictionary key and beginners first learning.

Dicshonri kè  106 wurdz.  This can be put into a converter (but I cannot do it.)


Wuns upon a tìm, the bùtifl dautr ov a gràt majishn wonted mor perlz too puut amung her treshùrs.  “Luuk throo the sentr ov the moon wen it iz bloo,” sed her roial muthr in ansr too her kweschn.  “yoo mìt fìnd yur hart’s dezìr.”  The fair prinses lafd, becaus she douted thèz wurdz.  Insted, she ùsd her imajinàshn, and mùvd intoo the fotografi biznes, and took pictùrz ov the moon in culr.  “I pursèv mòst surtinli that it iz aulmòst hòli wìt,” she thhaut.  She aulsò found that she cuud màk enuf muni in ait munthhs too bì herself too luvli hùj nù jùelz too.


2.     Spelling without traps.The second stage for lerners.  Dictionry kè plus 35 wurds, and morfèms <-s> and <-d> and wurd-endings <y> <a> <e> <i> <o> <u> <ow> <oy> <ss>.If diacritics ar not posibl, then silent E or AI. EE. IGH, OA, UE can do.  Differences from Dictionry ke in caps.  32 wurds of 106 ar difrent from dictionry spelling = 30%.

Once upon a tìm, the bùtiful dautr of a gràt majision wonted mor perls tu put amung her tresùrs.  “Luuk thru the sentr of the moon wen it is blu,” sed her roial muthr in ansr to her kwestion.  “U mìt fìnd yur hart’s dezìr.”  The fair prinsess lafd, becaus she douted thèz wurds.  Insted, she ùsd her imajinàtion, and mùvd intu the fotografy bizness, and took pictùrs of the moon in culr.  “I pursèv mòst surtinly that it is almòst hòly wìt,” she thaut.  She also found that she could màk enuf muny in ait munths tu bì herself two luvly hùj nù jùels too.


  • 3. Reading without trapsReading that is close to present spelling, but without traps. Some sounds hav mor than two posibl spellings, some even up to 4, as in reformd French.  ‘Magic e’ is allowd, and dubl consonants.
  • 50 words are the same as the Dictionry Gide.(italics)= 47%           

78 wurds of 106 ar the same as  Spelling Without Traps = 74% 

70 words are the same as present spelling= 66%   16 words are the same as present spelling but with surplus letters cut. (small caps) = 15%    = 81% with the same letters.

 20 other words have difrent spellings from present spelling (LARGE CAPS) = 19%


Once upon a time, the butiful dauter of a GRATE MAGISIAN WONTED mor perls to put among her tresures.  “Look thru the SENTER of the moon when it is blu,SED her royal mother in anser to her question.  “U might fìndyur hart’s DEZIRE.”  The fair prinsess LAFD, becaus shedouted these WURDS.  Insted,she used her imagination, and MUVED into the FOTOGRAFY BIZNESS, and took pictures of themoon in CULR.  “I perseve most SERTINLY that it is almost holy wite,” she THAUT.  She also found that she could make ENUF money in AIT months to BI herself two LUVLY HUJE new JUELS too.

Plese point out where I have made slips.

valerie yule

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