All over the world, people are saying sorry for what other people did earlier.

Be sorry for what we do now.

What are dog-in-the-manger countries saying to the world when they want their own people to have more children to fill up their country? The example here is Australia . Think-

1.A country like Australia could double our population with the 18 million poor and jobless people in South Africa alone. A sixth of the world's six billion people are economic refugees, often crowded in slum-cities or homeless.

2. Take 'eco-tours' of Australia, to see fragile saucer's edge we live on, the degradation we still inflict, the growing disaster in our heartland - the Murray-Darling Basin, our unreadiness for the next big drought, even the water problems of our little 'big' cities.

3. Study history. "Who can doubt our ability to continue to find solutions?" ask columnists, passing the buck to faith in some future breakthrough. Past ages too, vainly hoped their gods would save them. Who can doubt our equal capacity to pull disasters upon us, and our science assisting in the disasters, unless we work according to the present situation?

A recent book, Population Crises and Population Cycles by C & WMS Russell,(Galton Institute 1999) sets out evidence of how it was population growth that overstrained their current resources that contributed to and even caused the collapse of so many civilisations in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Central and Southern America. In the animal world, population explosions end in crashes. We do not solve ours by eye-shutting.

It is a Sorry Day, to the crowded rest of the world, if any country wants to overpopulate itself regardless of the rest of the world.