A United Nations PEACE PACKAGE

A package of 19 UN RESOLUTIONS that could help achieve peace


Since wars against Iraq or any governed or anarchic nation will be worse than useless
unless terrorism is defused -

Here is an improved set of Resolutions for the United Nations, to precede all ultimata. There could be popular support around the world for a UN Peace Resolution that was really about making peace, and could not be regarded whether fairly or unfairly as one nation seeking reasons and support to invade another. Even if the United Nations will not touch them, they could go round the globe for all peoples to consider, and even march for. Single slogans are not enough, and make the peace movements open to the criticism they get for one-eyedness and naivety.

If the United Nations diplomats cannot muster the resolve, there are sufficient NGOs and other groups and websites that could. The moral suasion must rise until at last pressures become irresistible. Publicised shame lists of all countries, firms and individuals holding back on discussing and implementing these resolutions.

They are Resolutions in two senses -

1. Expressing a resolve.

2. Resolving a situation -

and without these 19 constructive resolutions I cannot see how any 'solution' of destruction can work.


The United Nations and all peoples call for 19 resolutions as a package deal for peace




War divides but lasting Peace is indivisible.

1 . . . .( Any aggressors' names as appropriate) to destroy all weapons of mass destruction, biological, chemical, and nuclear, and the means that are dedicated to their research and manufacture. Deadline . . .

2. . . . .( Any aggressors' or conquerors' names as appropriate) to set about making their country (or other invaded country) a beacon of democracy and justice. Deadline . . .

3. Exports of weapons and instruments of torture to be illegal world-wide. All countries relying on this source of income to 'turn their swords into plowshares' for development of other countries, not for their economic and military destruction.

4. Research, manufacture, sales, distribution and use of further Weapons of Horrible Destruction to be indictable as War Crimes. Huge financial penalties also.

5. All countries to be prohibited from invading other countries or suppressing ethnic minorities by military or transmigration means. This includes China and Russia.

6. No more manufacture of nuclear weapons. This includes North Korea and Israel.

7. Israel to turn over all illegal Israeli settlements to multi ethnic occupation, withdraw military support from them, and prevent any new ones.

8. Israel to respond to suicide bombers by increasing justice and aid to the Occupied Territories rather than destruction. (This will be easier when illegal settlements are not given protection.)

9. The United States to cease funding Israel until the illegal settlements have been turned over to multi ethnic occupation, owned by the Palestine territories (ie future equivalent of 'Crown Land'.

10. The ideal of multicultural co-existence as in Australia and many European and other countries to be widely promoted as a solution to ethnic tensions rather than separation. This ideal to be accompanied by protection from transmigration, which fuels ethnic prejudices and fears (as is happening in Indonesia)

11. The United States to publicise at home and abroad, all that this country has done and does now to justify its ideals of liberty, brotherhood, justice, peace, industrial, scientific and economic and social progress for all, democracy, religious tolerance, struggles for truth, freedom and human welfare everywhere. The facts are not well known, and if known could help defuse a great deal of anti-American hatred.

12. The United States government admits and publicises what this country has done that has harmed other countries, taken economic advantage of them, countries it has bombed within the last 50 years, the subversions of legitimate government, support for its military-industrial complex, environmental disregard, waste while others starve, and arrogant attitude that God prefers America, and American citizens deserve treatment as human beings that others do not. These facts are very often not known in the United States, but are more widely known overseas, so that the United States would gain much world-wide friendship and support by public admission and attempts to remedy the evils that the government and multinational corporations have done, and the good that they could do and have not.

13. All countries are called on the cut out the psychological maltreatment of prisoners, as well as physical torture. Treatment at Guantanamo Bay and relaxation of attitudes to interrogation are included. All countries must set examples to all other countries.

14. The wars on natural disasters and human suffering the world over are declared to have primacy over wars against each other. Maps and photographs on the Internet show areas of human habitation where hardly a blade of grass now grows.

15. The media, intellectuals, artists and providers of entertainment acknowledge that they too have responsibility for a vision of a world at peace - or for promoting appetites for destruction and killing. Imagine what Hollywood, and the media empires of the world could do if their best brains and artists made Peace Drama and Peace Comedy and blockbusters of men and women fighting against the natural disasters and injustices of the world. All the people should be welcome to submit scenarios and ideas.

16. Jobs and profits can come from work and production and waste-saving that are essential for the planet to survive. Planned obsolescence and other means of wasting our natural resources must be publicly 'outed' as the great perversion.

17. It is possible to develop economics that do not swing widely from boom to bust during which some benefit from financial manipulation, and the rest of the people suffer, without the other alternative of planned economics strangled by bureaucracy, inertia and corruption.

18. No 'cultural' excuses allowed for practices that harm or oppress women or children - or men either.

19. Developing and other countries to have adequate resources both for family planning and for healthy child-rearing, so that everyone can have a Right to Reproduce, without either the threatening disaster of populations consuming all resources in their homelands, or fears of 'genocide'. Religious objectors to be given a week's free existence in places that are becoming ever less livable.

A nineteen point Plan! What is the twentieth?

20. Let us all remember what the ancient Greeks learned at such cost

Whom the gods destroy, they first make mad.