Idea for an Invention

Markable Pill Sheets

Remembering if you have taken a pill at the right time.

Nurses can arrange organized pill trays for people on regular pill regimes, to make sure that the right pill is taken at the right time.

One solution: But for most people, who occasionally must take a series of pills, an easier solution, especially for the absent-minded, would be to be able to mark the backing-sheets of pills with the day and sequence for each pill, starting from the first.

e.g M1 M2 M3 T1 T2 T3 W1 W2 W3 th1 th2 . . thru to S and ss for Saturday and Sunday.

Some silver backing-sheets can be marked with a BB pencil, but most people do not realize this. Pens and biros usually do not work.

Drug companies could ensure that backing-sheets were markable, and that the packets had notices instructing how they could be marked and what with.