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 OzIdeas and OzAlternativs are collated and published by


the non-profit Australian Centre for Social Innovations, founded 1991  

Social Inventions are innovations and ideas
to help to improve the quality of life and solve social problems

OzIDEAS is a place to find out about new ideas, and send in your own to the Global Ideas Bank. Your ideas can be brilliant, zany or simple. State the problem that your idea helps to solve in a short sentence, set out your idea in under 250 words, and add any further information.

Here is a way that you can do something about those good ideas that you have and find out about the successful projects of others. Ideas are fun to think up, and they stop your brain going rusty. Practical action is a sporting challenge.

Ideas can be as simple as a fun idea for a party, as high-powered as a different money system, or seem as zany and ridiculous as going to the Moon was always thought to be until fifty years ago.


We also hope to publish in print.  The originators of good ideas deserve recognition, and their ideas should be spread as widely as possible.  It is still hard to get publicity for Australian ideas in our media - an Internet site like the Global Ideas Bank can give everyone an opportunity.

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