A short list of

50 stupid things to stop doing this year

and bring in the Millennium, rather than run closer to Apocalypse

Tick each stupidity that is stopped this year

o 1. Allowing ourselves to be dumbed-down so that we don't do anything about these things
Why should we be resigned to the world becoming worse instead of better?

o 2. Using up NON-RENEWABLE RESOURCES as if they all had to be used up now.

o 3. Defining 'ADULT' to children as doing the things they should not do - to enjoy violent entertainment, coarse language, watch suffering, gamble, smoke, get drunk and stay Immature rather than Mature

o 4. ADVERTISING that debases truth, and makes people say for money what they do not believe

o 5.'AMBULANCE' attitudes - focus to treat victims rather than prevent casualties in the first place

o 6 Background MUSIC to voices on radio and TV so loud that the voices cannot be heard easily

o 7. Background PICTURES and colours to print, so that print can be difficult to read.

o 8. CAR advertisements that emphasise speed or roughing up our fragile wildernesses

o 9. CARS. One person needing two-tonnes of metal to drive around the suburbs in.

o 10. CHILD MODELS of great skinniness to display fashions for adults of increasing shapelessness

o 11. Classroom BARRIERS TO LITERACY remain, while $$millions research victims' defects

o 12.CONNECTIONS not made when linked events should be investigated - eg. food ads and anorexia; bullying in TV cartoons, news and drama, and bullying in schools

o 13.CONSUMPTION by the well-off as the key to our economics, rather than meet the needs of all.

o 14. Dehumanising and DEPERSONALISING people by any number of ways

o 15.DEPRESSION's increasing causes are not being tackled while the problem increases too

o 16.DRUGS. Not offering alternatives to drugs for escape, consolation, pleasure, socialising, jobs

o 17.ELECTION practices that make a mockery of democracy

o 18.ENVIRONMENT-LOVERS intruding to pollute and destroy the virgin wildernesses they love

o 19. EXERCISE - cutting down on human effort in everyday life and then driving to pay at gyms.

o 20. FASHION - discomfort, ugliness, and lack of creativity and durability

o 21.FICTION and reality - blurring the differences now extending even to official biographies.

o 22.FORM rather than content taking all the sales-attention.

o 23. GENETIC ENGINEEERING's misuse to withstand biocides and terminate fertile seed.

o 24. GENETIC ENGINEEERING. Some is designed to increase profits of companies, but some may be useful. We should distinguish which is which.

o 25. Going for QUANTITY rather than quality, disregarding how growth can end

o 26. GROANING and whingeing without seeking solutions to problems

o 27. HOMES - Interior designs that are bare, sparse and chilly for the emotions

o 28. HOME-BUILDING that has no potential for modification or energy-saving

o 29. How TRILLIONAIRES and billionaires spend incomes that could be used to help save the world

o 30. HUMOR- preferences for destructive forms such as bully humour, and depersonalising pics

o 31. IMAGINATION seen only useful for fantasy, not as practical

o 32. Intellectual PROPERTY extremes that restrict progress and enrich lawyers

o 33. Intellectual treason by INTELLECTUAL and artists making sure ordinary people cant understand

o 34. JOBS that are useless but make profits for others

o 35. KITCHEN design suiting men, regardless of women's needs - eg. cupboard placement.

o 36. LEADERS that get above the people they are supposed to represent, especially in income.

o 37. Repetitive factory NOISES preferred to music and melody and thoughtfulness about neighbours

o 38. OBSOLESCENCE built into goods in order to make more profits and waste more resources.

o 39. OXYMORONS - juxtapositions that brainwash and set stereotypes (eg. horrors of family life)

o 40. Penis length as the criterion of manliness, worth and skill at love-making.

o 41. Picaresque fiction preferred to real HEROES to an extreme degree

o 42. POPULATON- trying to increase some local populations by more breeding while so much of the world is losing its fertile soil, water, food sources, biodiverse animal life, and peaceful relations together, through the miseries of overcrowded populations.

o 43. Real costs of POLITICAL ADVERTISING, especially at elections

o 44. SCHOOLCHILDREN going home every day bent over with carrying their heavy schoolbags

o 45. Shoes for OLD LADIES sold with slippery soles

o 46. Tastes increasing for the horrible in ENTERTAINMENT in a world full enough of horrible things

o 47. The FASHION for pictures of profiled naked pregnant mothers with tums and no heads.

o 48. Wonders of our TECHNOLOGY directed to destroy, deprive and deprave.

o 49. WEIGHT-REDUCTION as an obsession in countries with too much food, while others starve

o 50. The possibly misplaced CONFIDENCE that however bad we make things for ourselves, us clever humans will manage to find a way out, with the help of our omniscient and never-failing scientists.  

How many silly things can you tick as being fixed this year?