12 Very short Fùtùr Storys for reading without spelling traps

If you are flying to Mexico, you can hold in your hand a little card that shows the spelling of every Spanish sound.

Then, when the plane lands, you can pronounce, in Spanish, virtually every word on every sign you see. You won't know the meaning of many words, but you can pronounce them, and that's a good start toward learning the language. 

The reverse is not true. No migrant coming to say, the United States, can hold a card that shows the spelling of English sounds. Such a card, if  it could be made would be the size of a refrigerator door since we spell our 42 sounds in a potpourri of over 400 different ways. Scores of rules and exceptions add to the confusion.  (Edward Rondthaler)

STORY 1. INTRODUCTION. - How the storys came to be so Short-Short -

Some funny flair in the sun, or a nuclear explozion that went rong - or too right.

Now hings happen suddenly which we ùsd to happen mor sloly.

What can be dun? What ar the emurjensy preparations made bi governments or pepl for these terrifìing events?

STORY 2. POPULATION STORY. A majic carpet dus a transposition, and everybody with mor than a million dollars in assets wakes up in a slum shelter in a sity with a population equivalent to his dollars. And no passport. What happens? What can he do?

STORY 3.DROUT. 'It aint gonna rain no mor' exept on the sea and on forests - and there aint that meny forests left..

STORY 4. FOOD. Fish suddenly becom inedibl. No reserch can find out why.

STORY 5. THE DIRTYEST STORY. Tornados sweep the bred-baskets of the wurld.

STORY 6. A STABEL SOSIETY. One iland desides to go it alone on being sustainabl. How?

STORY 7. THE DURABILITY GAP. Everything that is not made to be as durabl and good quolity as posibl for its function and the resorses availabl, suddenly deteriorates ten times as fast as normal. The explanation for this mistery appears as riting on the sky..

STORY 8. THE DAY THE OIL STOPD. After a sun-flair or nuclear explozion, oil and artezian wauter no longr burst upwards when the erth is puncturd. It all has to be pumpd up slowy - but how? What happens in the first four days after this disaster happens, and no oil gushes? Who does what?


STORY 10. WAR - It is discoverd that nothing can be re-bilt or farmd in places where modern boms or shells or missils hav exploded.

STORY 11. ACTIONS AND SOLUTIONS - a marvelus Utopian fantasy.

STORY 12. To make up - what happens next?

How hard did you find this to read?

How hard did u find this to read?

Did u notice the spelling traps wer fixd to help lerners?

It is sistematicly based on ònly 7 prinsipls, insted of hundreds of rules and exeptions.

See also Spelling-No-Traps-for-Reading-Aloud, for lerners and lerners of English. This adds dubld letters to sho unexpected, stress, and has dìacriticsà è ì ò ù to shò long vowels.

At the very first level, Spelling-No-Traps-for Riters, for lerners and riters, alturnativ choises ar not needed. It is completely consistent, exept for 31 very comon irregùlar wurds and the ending -ion.