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ttp:// Ebenizer is a plug-in to liberal democracy that invites you and your fellow citizens to evaluate the activities of the organisations around you and nudge them in the right direction. It dishes out carrots and sticks of the size you decree, rewarding good behaviour and punishing bad. One example: - Objective: Use resources more wisely and sustainably for the benefit of all.
Method: Take money from the more wasteful and give it to more useful organisations.
Register online.
Select targets that you think have too much or too little money e.g. select an oil company as a donor and a community shop as a recipient. Rank them in order.
The government sets three transfer parameters: amount e.g. $1, limit per person e.g. 10 and schedule e.g. every month.
The system looks at the top donors and recipients of each person, up to the transfer limit. For each organisation it calculates a net score = number of times listed as a recipient minus number of times listed as a donor e.g. 243 – 17 = +226.
The system generates debits and credits based on the scores and the transfer amount e.g. the above organisation receives a credit of $226.
Since total debits equals total credits the system does not make or lose money. It re-allocates money to where it is better used according to public opinion. You can add to and amend your lists at any time as your knowledge improves and the economy evolves.

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