The Wishing Game

The Wishing Game is good to play if you have insomnia, or need to occupy your mind with something else, as in illness or boring meetings.

You think of something wrong that needs fixing. Like making public transport pay, or how to stop having to clean gumleaves out of the spouting all the time, or what to do about all those plastic bags.

Then you think of ideas about solving the problem. You can include magic wishes if you like.

And then you think of what could go wrong so it wouldn't work. For exampl, you can think of something super for a children's playground. Why wouldnt it work? Because vandals would steal or smash it.

So the next step of the game is - how to get round that one. How can people be got not to steal or smash the equipment on your plaground So you have to exercise your brains a bit more on that one.

And then you may try to do something about it.

As the poet TS Eliot has said:

'Between the idea and the reality Falls the shadow.'

People have thousands of ideas daily - but they don't do anything about the ideas - or if they do try, they give up quickly when they meet opposition.

Another problem for the Wishing Game.